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Web Utility
Game Tracking
Music (Beta)
Global Chat (Beta)
Image Manupulation
l+ban <@user> (reason) [Bans a user from the guild.]
l+kick <@user> (reason) [Kicks a user from the guild.]
l+warn <@user> <reason> [Warns a user in the guild.]
l+cmute <@user> <reason> [Mutes a user in the channel]
l+cunmute <@user> <reason> [Unmutes a user in the channel]
l+snipe <@user> [Will display any info required to moderate a user.]
l+report <@user> <reason> [Will report a user, does not require special permissions.]
l+voicecheck <@user> [Gets stats from a user in a voicechat]
l+meme [Shows a dank meme]
l+rps [Rock Paper Scissors with the bot]
l+fight <user> [Fights a user]
l+anime [Shows some anime, do you play Osu?]
l+quiz [The bot will ask to you a random quiz]
l+flipthecoin [Flips a coin]
l+8ball <question> [Asks to LxiBot a question]
l+pickaletter [Picks a random letter]
l+bunny [Jump!]
l+coffee [Here's you some coffee!]
l+dadjoke [Haha! (lennyface) This can't get here]
l+ratewaifu <@mention> [Waifu friends!]
l+hangman [Play hangman!]
l+botinfo [Shows the informations of LxiBot]
l+userinfo [Shows your informations]
l+serverinfo [Shows the informations of the Guild]
l+roleinfo <full name> [Shows informations of a specified role.]
l+ascii <txt> [Makes your text into an ascii art]
l+time [Shows the time]
l+clear <amount> [Clears/BulkDeletes an amount of messages]
l+flipword <txt> [Flips the text]
l+invitestats [The table of the inviters and users]
l+poll <txt> [Makes a poll of your ideas]
l+canvas <px> [Paints in Discord, Awesome!]
l+spotify <@mention> [Get infos for a Track that was listening a User, Awesome?]
l+emoteinfo <emote id> [Shows the informations of a specified emote]
l+remindme <time> "<msg>" [Reminds you and sends a message]
Web Utility
l+urban <word> [Searches on Urban Dictionary for words]
l+hastebin <txt> [Sends the test to hastebin for developers]
l+pwnedemail <mail> [Checks if any website has your email]
l+npm <name> [Searches on for packages]
l+stget <SpeedTest ID> [Gets the results from a test]
l+weather <city> [Searches meteo for you]
l+mbl <bot/user> <id> [Shows the informations of a bot using mythicalbotlist]
l+ds < bot id > [Shows the informations of a bot using]
l+bs < bot id > [Shows the informations of a bot using]
Game Tracking

l+fortnite <name> [Displays Fortnite 7Days Player stats]
l+mcserver <ip> (port) [Displays stats about a Minecraft Server]
l+mcoldnames <current mc name> [Displays the old names a minecraft player had]
l+hypixel <bedwars> <username on minecraft> [Displays stats for hypixel]
l+mcplayer <name> [Gets stats of the player in minecraft]
l+csgo <custom url\steamid64> [Displays stats for csgo]
l+osu <player> [Osu Normal Stats for a player]
Music (Beta)
l!play <name> [Searches a song from youtube with a name]
l!resume [Resumes the song]
l!skip [Skips the current song]
l!stop [Force Music Shutdown]
l!pause [Pauses the song]
l!queue [Shows the queue]
l!np [Shows the current song]
Global Chat (Beta)
l+global <message> [Sends a message to other servers]
[Follow the "How to setup channels for LxiBot" to find out how to setup
this command.]
Image Manupulation
l+deepfry (@user) [Deepfryes a user's profile picture.]
l+implode (@user) [Implodes a user's profile picture.]
l+explode (@user) [Explodes a user's profile picture.]
l+mirror (@user) [Edits a user's profile picture.]
l+invert (@user) [Inverts a user's profile picture.]
l+wall (@user) [Walls a user's profile picture.]
l+achievement <text> [Makes a minecraft achievement with the text you want.]
l+circle (@user) [Adds a circle particle on a user's profile picture.]
l+magik (@user) [Edits in different ways a user's profile picture.]
l+illegal <text> [Edits a "trump makes illegal meme", only 3 characters]
l+canvas <pixels>[Makes a canvas where you can draw]
l+qrcode <message or text> [Creates a qrcode with your text input]

<> Non-Optional | () Optional | [ ] Description of the Command

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